Pre-Orders FAQ


How do I pre-order? - Items that can be pre-ordered are marked as pre-order in their title. Within the item you can choose to pay a deposit or the entire amount.

When do I pay the balance? - You will need to pay a deposit or the full amount initially to secure the item. After this we will send you an invoice when your item has arrived in the UK. You can pay the balance using the link in the invoice. If you want to add any items to your order to make the most of shipping costs, just let us know before you pay the invoice and we can edit it to include your new product choices.

Can I cancel my pre-order? - We are unable to accept cancellations for pre-orders. If your balance remains unpaid 60 days after your first reminder email, and we have made our best efforts to contact you, we will look to find another buyer for the pre-ordered product. In these situations, no refund for the deposit paid can be given.

Can I pre-order and regular order at the same time? - Yes! Just let us know in your order notes whether you'd like it all shipped when the pre-ordered item arrives, or in separate shipments. If there's any extra postage to pay it will be added to your order balance - we'll ask you how you'd like each parcel to be shipped.

 Any other questions? Please email