Glico Pocky Sticks Chocolate Flavour - 1x Packet

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Why stray away from the traditional Chocolate Pocky?

Ingredients: Wheat Flour (39%), Sugar (30%), Vegetable Fat (16%), Cocoa Powder (6%), Skim Milk Powder (2%), Shortening (2%), Cocoa Mass (1%), Milk Powder (1%), Thickening Agent (E1404), Emulsifier (E322ii), Raising Agent (E500ii), PH Control (E524), Improve Functional Properties (E1101ii), Artificial Flavour

Net Weight: 47g per packet

Product of Thailand


Per Serving (47g):
• Energy: 220kcal
• Protein: 4g
• Fat: 8g
• Carbohydrate: 34g (Sugars: 18g)
• Sodium: 0.085g