Monster Hunter PVC Statue Tobi-Kadachi

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"A fanged wyvern that flies among the trees of the Ancient Forest. Its penchant to brush against the ground and the trees as it moves around builds up static electricity within its fur."

Animegami Studios is proud to present Monster Hunter Tobi-Kadachi PVC Chibi Statue.

Size: 10 cm

With this series of statues, my goal was to create cute poses and interactions between large monsters and endemic life, rather than typical attack poses seen elsewhere. In this case, Tobi is surprised by a Paratoad chilling on top of his head, best not to scare it...

I designed all of the Ancient Forest statues at once, but Tobi-Kadachi was the first and the rest were based on its proportions, cuteness level, and theme, so it holds a special place.

My goal is to represent all biomes seen in the current Monster Hunter generation where you'll get four monsters and a Hunter per map.

Happy Hunting! - Ricardo Clatworthy, Creative Director